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That's What I Teach You to Be...​Stupid, Silly & Free.

EVERYONE. IS. FUNNY!  Philippe Gaulier showed me that. And I can show you!

It's so simple.  All you got to have is...


Like you did when you were a kid, remember? There is no formula in my class. No method. All we do is play games. And through games we discover our beautiful, vulnerable idiot. And when you show the audience your beautiful, vulnerable idiot they don't laugh from the head. They laugh from the belly.  They laugh so hard they don't even know why their laughing, they laugh so hard they might just pee themselves. If this is the type of laughter you seek? Then my class is for you.  No experience necessary.  Just bring your spirit! Note: Class size is limited as I like to give each individual a lot of stage time to discover, explore, fail, fail again, fail better, and to find that unique individual side-splitting hilarity that you and only you have to offer the world.

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Here's what people have to say...

''I thought I was going on a date but instead wound up in Ed's clown class haha. Ed's class was full of laughter and not traumatic like those other French clown schools. Which I really appreciated! Ed is a wonderful teacher. Highly recommend his class!"

- Chloe Fineman, Saturday Night Live

"What a gift to take class with Ed! He has infused my acting with a fantastic new energy and point of view. Lately on stage and in conversation, I feel a stillness and heightened sense of focus that I've not felt before. Ed's a master."


- Matt Higgins, Comedy Central 

"Taking a class with Ed is like taking the red pill of comedy. After his class, I can no longer watch stand up comedy. I don't want too many comedians taking it because then everyone would get too good. Ed's class is the best show I've been to in the city."

- Felipe Di Poi Tamargo, Adult Swim 

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