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How To With John Wilson | Co-star

HBO/John Wilson

A Wilderness of Error | Co-star

FX/Marc Smerling​

Lipstick Jungle | Co-star

NBC/Tricia Brock


Juno and the Paycock | Johnny

Irish Rep/Neil Pepe

The Weir | Brendan

Irish Rep/Ciaran O’ Reilly

The Shadow of a Gunman | Tommy Owens

Irish Rep/Ciaran O Reilly

The Winter’s Tale | Clown

TFANA/Arin Arbus

The Plough and the Stars | Lieut. Langon

Irish Rep/Charlotte Moore

The Home Place | David

Irish Rep/Charlotte Moore

Juno and the Paycock | Johnny

Irish Rep/Charlotte Moore

Imperfect Love | Marco

Connelly Theater/Michael di Jiacomo

Alone It Stands | Multiple

59e59 Theaters/John Breen


Shakespeare Actor/Director Workshop


On Camera Acting

Bob Krakower

Ecole Jacques Lecoq

Ecole Philippe Gaulier


American, Irish & British.

Permanent Resident of The US.

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