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“Ed’s class was recommended to me and it took seeing a mind-blowing clown show to finally go. So happy I did. It’s fucked up and anarchic and exactly what I need to become the kind of performer I want to be”

- Caroline Yost, Adult Swim 

"Ed's class is revelatory, and positively one of the most challenging things I've ever done. He has one of the best bullshit detectors in this hemisphere. He excavates and finds that raw, cristalline, pulsating metal in you that is beautifully stupid and highly entertaining. He provides a safe space to bomb and be happy about it. He gave me a different definition of charm/charisma both on stage/screen and in real life. Seriously real clowning!!! Freeing is the best word to describe it all."

- Vasile Flutur "The Deuce", "The Blacklist"

“Your class is the last good thing in this city.

It should be heritage - listed”

 - Lexi Freeman, Author, The Literary Review 

"Ed Malone radiates creativity. He's an anomaly. He is filled with compassion and emotional intelligence and can do committed play at a moment's notice and at the same time he can be a visceral animal in performance. I recently saw Ed perform at the Irish Repertory Theater and he was so committed, so not self conscious, that he hit his moments like a human being who didn't give a fuck about being polite and social - all he did was show an unhinged pathos that was so compelling to watch. Whenever I get an audition or role I go toe to toe with Ed and we work and work. He has been my sparring partner and essential to all my recent work as an actor. I asked Ed to work with me on an Irish accent for a role I was auditioning for in the Relativity Media and AMC film "Cost of a Soul." We got together twice and Ed was generous enough to be there when I taped my audition. I was offered a bigger part in the film than I auditioned for and went on to play the lead. The filmmaker gave me the bigger role because he said I had so much "humanity" in the monologue Ed and I worked on. Its hard not to pick up on the amount of pathos and humanity Ed has. He is a real human being who has something - an energy - that comes off of him and illuminates a room. Anybody would greatly benefit from working with this extremely emotionally intelligent and deep man. Spend time with him, it will change you."                 

- Chris Kerson, “Gotti, “True Detective,”

“Crabs in a Bucket” 

"Ed Malone will compel you to be your freest most creative self. To move with purpose and to realize the power in your eyes." 


- Anders Lee, "Redacted Tonight"

"Yo, I gotta keep taking your class.

You're fucking Stanislavski"


- Zachary Infante, "School of Rock"

"Ed, I headlined my first show last night. I did 25 minutes and it was a fucking blast. Wouldn't have been possible without all your teachings. Thanks for helping me connect with my inner idiot and for all the support."

 - Clayton Smith, "Live at the Inn" 

"This class is for anyone who needs more confidence, awareness, moment to moment ease or access to joy."

 - Steve Girard, Comedian 

"Ed Malone's clown class has inspired me to rethink the way I plan and present my comedy. His class has given 

 me new insight into myself, my jokes and inspired the confidence to create a captivating performance. This is the best learning experience in terms of what's going on in the mind of the audience as well as excellent insights into the dynamics of comedy and acting."


- Alex Payne, Caroline's on Broadway

& "Live at the Inn"

"Eds clown class is exactly what I need. Ed hones in on the areas that are holding me back in acting. I leave the class feeling more alive than when I came."

- Amy Miller, Actor, Comedian,Writer for HuffPost

"I came to Ed thinking I wanted to learn a few tricks for adding excitement to my act. All my jokes needed was some physical life - a little more pizzazz, a little more...something. Ed actually re-engineered my philosophy for what is funny, and what I should be doing on stage in the first place. I realized I wanted to be a clever comedian, but he showed me how to be a funny one."

 - Sam Lanier, Adult Swim

"Ed Malone is a brilliant actor and teacher. He'll teach you things even the best actors don't know. If you have NEVER acted or told a joke in your life, PERFECT! Ed will show you the ropes. Not only is this class a huge benefit on a practical level in learning technique and method it is a therapeutic EXPERIENCE. If you want to learn how to present to company CEOs, convince a vegan to eat a steak, sell an earwax gun or just plain get more comfortable in social settings, this class is for you. If you are a phenomenal actor and have been through ten different coaches and still haven't found the one that gives you the insight you need, look no further"!


- Nadine Freniere,

Writer, Actor, Filmmaker

"When I first started taking Ed's class I was intimidated. You're asked to constantly get in the space, and be okay with being a fool. Every class. You can never really be "in control." The losing control was what intimidated me. I'd be thrown into so many opportunities to fall on my face and it scared me. But yet that's what drew me even more to the class. The method to the madness. Its clowning but not what you would expect. Its not with the red nose. Its just you, the stage and your audience (classmates). And using your classmates as a gauge for if your truly being a "lovable idiot." That intrigued me. Super simple but yet so complex. Through Ed's intense/silly exercises, it can be extremely freeing. The format of the class really almost forces you out of your head. His blunt but lovable spirit kept me wanting to go deeper. I would walk away from class feeling like I just had my world flipped over. In a good sort of way. Then as I started performing outside of class, I felt my confidence had risen. My comic "technique" was quicker. More specific. I would come back into class way more willing to fall flat on my face and it be okay. I was okay with "swimming in the shit" as Ed would call it. If you want a class that will challenge you as a performer in all forms, but increase your range ten fold I'd highly recommend it. If you want to come to class to listen to a teacher talk, all the time...Yeah then this class isn't for you. Less talking more being an idiot."


- Jared Thompson, Clown, Actor. 

“The book of Mormon” was funny but I've actually laughed a lot harder in your class"


- Nathan Windsor, Actor,
Musician, Producer

"Having witnessed Ed Malone's work, Ed Malone is one of the most exciting, politically conscious, challenging and skillful artists working today in New York City. Malone has directed my work and he is insightful and precise in his direction. Having also trained with Malone as an instructor he challenges actors to perform within their highest self, to live in full honesty, physicality and push past boundaries to create revelatory moments. I highly recommend working with Malone, as there are few artists' working today with the level of integrity, knowledge and rigor that Ed embodies in the process of theatre making."

- Raquel Almazan, "Law and Order SVU",

"The Blacklist", "Blue Bloods"

"Ed is maybe the greatest teacher I've had. He's extremely open, rigorous, challenging, totally honest, and willing to talk about anything. Every class I leave having been completely challenged both as a performer and as a human being. I recommend his class to anyone who either thinks about how they act as a human being in the world or who has any interest in any artistic medium. There's deep philosophical, psychological, and social analysis happening the whole time in the class. No bullshit. No complacency."

 - Dan Genoves, Artist, Comedian, Actor

“This class is incredibly healing"

- Courtney Torres, Actor 

"As a stand up comedian and actor I would recommend taking Ed's class. It was a friend who recommended it to me and I was very lucky to have that friend. Ed's teaching style is very unique and beneficial to understanding your own craft. He's not your typical actor comedian or some guy trying to get your money. Honestly he creates a place where both the students and teacher can learn from each other on how to become better performers. So Ed is just as much invested in this as you are. It's not your typical class, and in my opinion if you want to become a great performer, you never just want to do or learn the typical things. How can you be a maverick or true original if your typical? I've benefited a lot from the class personally. It's helped me so much from my stage presence all the way to my writing."

- Michel Francoeur, "Live at the Inn"

"Ed's class is wonderful for those who want to study the art of the clown, or for those weirdos who want to be weird where it's allowed. It breaks all of us down to our basic child states if we allow it to." 


- Elmo King, Musician, Actor, Filmmaker  

"Being an entertainer is not just about the words that are spoken. Every step, action and facial expression have a purpose. Mastering these can make the difference in your performance. Ed breaks down every part of your act to a science so you can maximize every second you are on stage. He will teach you proper places to pause, move and also where to look. I didn't realize how important these factors are but after taking his class I noticed how much better the audience responded to my performance. Whether you are a Comedian or a Shakespearean artist, Ed can amp up your act to reach its fullest potential."

- Phil Korz, "Quantico"

"Ed Malone is a fantastic teacher. His class pushes me as a performer and is also incredibly entertaining. Ed’s class observations and teaching persona within themselves are immensely valuable. Every type of artist should take his class."


- Morgan Elizabeth, Actor, Writer, Filmmaker

"Ed is an extraordinarily talented actor and comedian. His three hour clown class is filled with creativity and magic. Be ready to transform. You will go to places you have never been. Its not for the faint of heart. Ed's work in those three hours is a tour de force of teaching. Its amazing to witness and even more amazing to be part of."

- Regine Urbach, Dancer, Actor,
Yoga Instructor, Astrologist

"Did a packed show last night and fucking killed it. I used the trick of visualizing my stories while saying them and it worked like a charm. All thanks to you Ed."


 - Ryan Papazian, Comedian

"As a teacher, director, colloborator Ed is simply the best. Ed directed a solo show that I took to the Edinburgh Fringe this year. I came back with a five star review, and absolutely could not have done it without him. I was drawn to his clown class after seeing the results of his work - fellow comics whose stage presence and confidence seemed to blossom over night. I'd just fired my previous director when I wandered into my first class. By the end of the night, I knew he was the right person to help me rebuild the show. Not only is he incredibly talented - his positivity and enthusiasm are infectious. When I had periods of doubt (and there were so many), he was always there cheering me on. If you want to distinguish yourself from the herd, work with Ed Malone!"

-Krista Komondor, Comedian

"Stand up comedy, acting or any performance is about finding your voice, what makes you truly special, and learning how to share that with the world. That's what you discover in Ed's class. With a whole lot of love, Ed will strip all the nonsense that you put up as a barrier and bring you to your purist, most beautiful self. From that place a new level of trust and brilliance will arise. It will surprise you at first as it did for me, but I can promise you'll be a better person and artist because of it. Take Ed's class."


- Max Halpert, MTV

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